Friday, 23 May 2014

Menagerie of Monochrome

I’ve been struggling more than I anticipated to dress myself for my new job. Having to wear a jacket with everything really ruins my outfit options! So in an effort to get myself dressed and out the door on time each morning I re -organised my wardrobes over the weekend. I put all of my ‘work appropriate’ clothing in one wardrobe and everything else in another wardrobe (and assorted tubs, drawers, boxes, old suitcases, the space behind the couch etc). The idea is that I should be able to open my ‘work wardrobe’, throw together an outfit and waltz out the door looking suitably put together for the office. 

It hasn’t quite worked out like that, with a lot of my ‘work appropriate’ clothing being a bit random and in need of some basic staples to hold it all together (a black pencil skirt would probably be a good start). That being said it has made one thing abundantly clear… I own a lot of black and white patterned stuff. Like A LOT. I’ve got black and white stripes, spots, checks and hounds tooth coming out of my ears! And here I was thinking I was all about colour, clearly somewhere along the way I unconsciously started collecting a menagerie of monochrome.

Luckily patterns in the same colour story are easy to mix and match, so I’ve found myself head to toe in black and white almost every day this week. And as cliche as it sounds, 'pops of colour' can be a great idea when wearing a predominantly monochrome outfit. My red poodle brooch and ballet flats are the perfect way to make this work outfit a little more 'me'

Top: Op Shop
Skirt: Op Shop
Jacket: Op Shop*
Shoes: Target
Brooch: Erst Wild designs

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