Thursday, 1 May 2014

Travel Formula

Like every twenty-something Aussie with a relatively disposable income, I love to travel. I just got back from five glorious days in Bali and am flying off to Brisbane tonight for an extended weekend to celebrate one of my best friends birthdays.

One of the things I get excited about in the lead up to a trip is planning my plane outfit. I know that sounds ridiculous, but I just love the challenge of putting together a stylish, practical and most of all, comfortable outfit to wear whilst airport hopping. Over the years I have definitely caught flights in leggings, uggs and a ratty jumper, but most of the time I follow this tried and tested formula...

Prints: This is my number one requirement when dressing for a flight. I'm a total grot and can absolutely guarantee I'll spill plane food on myself at some stage, so wearing a busy print is essential to disguise the Pringle crumbs anything else that I unknowingly drop.

Stretchy fabric: I never wear anything too constricting or fitted, especially around my stomach and legs. Stretchy fabric or an elastic waist band is the way to go to ensure I can get as comfortable as possible in my seat.

Comfy shoes: I almost always wear either ballet flats when flying as they are comfortable to traipse around airports in and are easy to slip off when going through security (plus they look good!).

Shoulder bag: This is a no-brainer really, an over the shoulder bag that leaves my hands free and is big enough to store my iPad and other travel essentials but not so huge that it can't fit under my seat.

Big scarf: Regardless of where I am flying I always take a big soft scarf on the plane with me. It doubles up as a blanket or a pillow if need be and can be used as a sarong if I'm flying somewhere tropical. 

Make-up Free: I try to always travel with a clean face lathered in moisturiser and paw-paw ointment so my skin doesn't dry out too much. This can sometimes be a little painful to do but it's totally worth it to be able to get off a plane with a fresh face and no panda eyes. 

 I'll be wearing this outfit when I board the red-eye tonight and will hopefully land in Brisbane looking effortlessly stylish (and without too many plane food stains!)

Top: Op Shop
Jacket: Op Shop*
Scarf: Op Shop
Bag: Op Shop
Skirt: Mister Zimi 
Shoes: Kenneth Cole

*Jacket number 3

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