Tuesday, 20 May 2014

All Pink All the Time

When asked for my favourite colour I find I can never really decide. At any given time my favourite colour will be daffodil yellow, hunter green, Tiffany blue, but when looking at my wardrobe you’d be hard pressed to say I like anything other than pink or red. My wardrobe is full of the stuff. I guess pink and red are both such lovely bright colours, they always jump out at me when I’m shopping. Just like a stripe or spot, I gravitate towards fuchsia or scarlet over any other hue. 

This pink pleather jacket came home with me from a hole in the wall vintage store in Berlin. It was love at first sight (obviously) when I saw it sitting on the clearance racks, and I always get comments when I wear it. Look at my face in these pictures! I can’t help but give attitude when I throw it on.

I recently invested in some red lipstick from Mac and boy is it awesome, red lipstick goes with everything, but I think it looks especially great with a head to toe pink ensemble!

Jacket: Vintage shop in Berlin*
Dress: Op Shop
Shoes: Seed

*Jacket number 6

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