Saturday, 1 February 2014

Friday Outfit Compromise

Almost every Friday morning I wake up and think, "Oh good it's Friday! I'm going to wear gym clothes and thongs to work and no one can stop me". This always seems like such a good plan while I'm lying in bed, total comfort for the last day of the working week is name of the game, right?

Wrong. Well not the comfort part, but certainly the gym clothes part. I could wear exercise gear to my work if I wanted and no one would bat an eye lid, but it's honestly not what I feel comfortable in (unless I'm actually working out). Leaving the house in ratty clothes just makes me feel awkward and un-confident, regardless of how comfy said clothes are. I feel much better when I'm decked out in a nice outfit, proper shoes and some make up. 

This outfit was my Friday morning compromise. I actually pulled on my stretchy gym pants, but then couldn't bring myself to wear them out of the house, so I put on this equally stretchy tube skirt and a loose (albeit fabulously printed) top instead. Hair slicked back, sweet squid earrings and some platform wedges make everything seem pulled together. 

I love this outfit! For something that is arguably as comfortable and easy to wear as work out gear (OK, maybe not the wedges), this looks (and makes me feel) a million times better.

Top and skirt - op-shopped
Earrings - Capnmueller
Wedges - Hobbs

P.S Stretchy tube skirts are the best! Who knew?! This is the first one I have worn and I LOVE IT. Will need to keep an eye out for more.

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