Monday, 27 January 2014

Hot Hot Heat

One of the things I really wanted to focus on when planning my outfits this year was accessories. I have a huge variety of accessories that I don't really wear because I either forget about them or don't know how to incorporate them in to my everyday style. I'm trying really hard at the moment to be a bit more exciting and unpredictable with my outfits, but MAN it is hot right now! No one wants to wear a whole heap of unnecessary stuff when the temperature creeps higher than 37 for several days in a row.

This little hibiscus print dress is super light and easy to wear. I originally layered on some bracelets and a sparkly necklace, which did look great. But even at 7am when I was taking these pictures I felt hot and uncomfortable with all that resin (bangles) and metal (necklace) clinging to my skin. So I ditched the jewels and threw on a head scarf instead. So while this outfit isn't exactly a great example of accessorising, I was pretty pleased with the over all look and most importantly I managed to stay cool in the hot hot heat. 

I bought this dress for $3.50 at Anglicare in Canningvale and it just so happens to perfectly match my vintage Oroton scarf, don't you love it when that happens? My wedges are one of the three pairs of shoes I got in the after-Christmas sales. They are from Seed and cost me a whooping $15. Did you find any bargains in the sales? 

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