Monday, 3 February 2014


From reading my blog you may get the impression I'm a girly girl. I do love dressing up, doing my nails, playing with my hair, wearing pink and flowers and sparkles all in one go. So yeah, you are correct. But that doesn't mean I'm completely filled with fluff and sequins, I can 'rough it' when need be. And that need has come...

The boyfriend and I are going camping this week for 8 days. We will be sleeping in a swag, fishing, hiking, swimming and four wheel driving. It's going to be wonderful. I'm under strict instructions to dress appropriately for such activities and not to bring any make up (gasp!).

So how does a certified priss like myself deal with such shocking limitations? Well, my first two essentials are a hat to hide my crumpled swag hair and large sunglasses to cover up my bare face. Then it's easy! 

These denim shorts will be my (gl)camping staple. I'm packing three t-shirts (stripe, black and white) and a variety of colourful scarves which will perform a myriad of duties (protecting my skin, covering up dirty hair and, most importantly, looking cute). Throw in a beach dress, a bikini and some proper hiking gear and I'm ready for a week of fun in the wilderness! Toasted marshmallow anyone?

T-shirt, shorts, belt and scarf - Op-shopped
Sandals - Melissa
Hat - Markets
Sunglasses - Raybans 

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