Saturday, 27 July 2013

My New Maxi

I have a fairly gigantic wardrobe and I am constantly buying new (old) things so I try to wear something different every day and not repeat outfits too often. But this is my favourite outfit at the moment and I have been wearing it to death! I bought this vintage dress a few weeks ago from a great op shop in Mosman Park (you can find it here). It cost $12 which is a bit more expensive than the dresses I usually buy, but I love it so much and have worn it so many times since that I have definitely got my moneys worth. 

 I hate wearing pants, so a maxi dress is one of my winter essentials. This one is fantastic because it is lined and it has sleeves so it is actually pretty warm. The fabric is an easy print to pair with different jackets/belts/shoes and I think it will be great in spring as well, I'll just swap my boots for wedges!

I'm wearing it today with a green suede belt and red wool hat, both op-shopped and my green boots (not second hand, but they were a bargain from Myer!). It is crazy windy today as well so I threw on my denim jacket when I went out, but I forgot to take a picture wearing it. Sorry! 

A quick note about my awesome hat. The band is just ribbon I bought from Spotlight, I change it up all the time depending on what I am wearing it with. It is a super easy way to change the whole look of the hat, I even have a feather that I stick in it if I'm feeling particularly outrageous!

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