Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Rainbow Bright

I popped into Good Sammies the other day to look for a vase and as I made a beeline for the homewares I couldn’t help but be distracted by two young girls who were flicking through the dresses. One of them pulled this colourful number off the rack and showed it to her friend who burst out laughing and said it looked like a rainbow had yakked all over it. Of course I immediately scooped it up and headed to the change rooms. Not only was I impressed that someone still used the term ‘yak’ but also I’m obviously going to love anything that looks like the contents of a rainbows’ stomach. 

I added my brightest pink necklace and fluro green shoe clips too, if you’re going to look like rainbow bright you may as well go the whole hog! ¸

Dress: Good Sammies Freo $4
Necklace: Vinnies Claremont $4
Shoes: Asos
Shoe clips: Save the Children Subiaco $1
Sunglasses: Preen


  1. Nice dress. I love good Sammies in Freo


  2. Their loss, this dress looks amazing!

    (My Dad uses "yak" meaning to chat)

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