Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Fish Tails

GUYS! I just taught myself how to do fishtail braids and now I can’t get enough. They are super easy too, I have no idea why I’ve never tried before. Another hair style to add to my arsenal of ‘I really don’t want to wash my hair’ go-tos.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I really really hate washing my hair. It’s super thick and takes forever to dry, so I never want to get it wet. Also because I train four or five times a week there never seems to be a time when washing and drying my hair is ‘worth it’ because I know it will just get all sweaty and gross within 12 hours or so. When I shot these photos on the weekend, I hadn’t washed my hair for 7 days, I was relying soley on dry shampoo and some strategic braiding/hat placement to get me through.

Enough hair talk, on to the outfit! I love that the weather is cooling down slightly so I can start bringing out my felt hats and maxi skirts, they are excellent transitional pieces which will see me happily through Autumn and into Winter. Bring on boot weather I say!

Skirt: Vintage from Amsterdam
Top: Good Sammies Freo $4
Necklace: Vintage from San Francisco
Shoes: Marni, eBay
Sunglasses: Stella McCartney
Hat: Asos

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