Thursday, 24 March 2016

Life Recently

Just like I say every month… I CAN’T BELIEVE it’s the end of March already. I sound like a broken record, but I’m sure you all feel the same way too. This month has been particularly good because Luke and I bought home our very own little fur baby! Insert ONE MILLION heart eye emojis! We adopted a 14 week old Red Heeler cross from the RSPCA and named her Blue. She is just the cutest thing ever!  We’ve had a number of sleepless nights and a few tears when she ate one of my favourite brooches, but we are now falling into a fun routine of play dates, walks, training and LOTS of cuddles. This is our first pet and while I was terrified for the first week that we’d accidently kill her (like I’ve done with all my plants) I now feel quietly confident that we have this ‘puppy ownership’ thing in the bag. Plus having a living, breathing, nipping reminder to go for a daily walk is very helpful!

The rest of my month has involved…
Eating biscuits, my new work place seems to have a never ending supply of bickies… seriously dangerous!
Drinking G&Ts
Wearing my denim jacket and Fendi cross body bag, both fairly new purchases which I am loving 
Buying shoes… I went on an eBay spree and got some fab Missoni wedges and pair of lace up Free People booties. Oops.
Lusting after a holiday!
Watching House reruns in bed with red wine and popcorn. Serious guilty pleasure stuff right there!
Reading blogs blogs blogs, trying to get my Autumn/Winter style game sorted.
Dreaming of the Easter long weekend! Two months into my new job and I need some down time to let my brain switch off
Playing with my baby girl Blue

So that’s my month! What have you been up to lately?

Have a happy Easter!!



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