Thursday, 26 November 2015

Life Recently

This month has been eventful, but also excellent! The two big things dominating my November was my thyroid operation (more on that later) and the big move into my very first home. Both fairly epic events for your average 28 year old, but they certainly made for an interesting month. After TWO YEARS of waiting and slowly getting more and more excited and then more and more impatient Luke and I finally got our mitts on the keys to our brand new home. Everything is still in disarray and I can’t find half my shoes and we still have no internet, but it truly is awesome. I can’t actually believe it all belongs to me. Every time I bang a nail into the wall to hang another piece of art I feel a bit rebellious, then I remember that I OWN THAT WALL! It’s pretty great.

Here’s what else has been going on…
Eating the Natural Confectionary Company’s strawberry and cream lollies… my friend Caity passed her addiction on to me
Drinking Water! It's gettin' hot in hurrrr!
Cooking anything easy! I miss my mum’s home cooking so much, being an adult again is HARD!
Watching Orange is the New Black, my friend lent me her netflix account while I was bed bound and boy did I get addicted!
Buying myself a few sneaky get-well-soon presents in the form of shoes and sunnies (of course!)
Wearing many scarves! I actually had a lot of fun covering up my operation wound with a variety of vintage silk lovelies!
Reading the Royal We, written by my fav celebrity gossip bloggers from Go Fug Yourself
Avoiding the scales. I got into the bad habit of weighing myself daily while my thyroid was misbehaving and now I’m trying to stop because it’s totally pointless and does nothing for my self esteem
Needing some money please… having a mortgage is quite the ball buster!

Ok so on to my operation… for those interested please read on (for those not, please enjoy my insta snaps!), my thyroid operation went really well. I was absolutely terrified on the day of the op and the last thing I remember thinking before the general anaesthetic hit was ‘OMG he’s going to slice my throat open’ but a second later (or so it seemed) I was being wheeled into the ICU for recovery. My surgeon said everything went perfectly and then showed me a rather revolting picture of a 6cm scoop of flesh, which was apparently the tumour they removed from me. I had a bad reaction to the pain killers they gave me, so spent a rather uncomfortable night in the ICU, but once I was back home I started to feel much better.

My scar sits right on my collar bone and is about 8cm long, it’s surprisingly neat and apparently it should fade to nothing within about 18 months, so I’m really pleased. It took me about 10 days to fully recover from the general anaesthetic, I was seriously dazed for a while there! I saw my surgeon a few weeks ago who confirmed the tumour was benign (HOORAY!) and gave me the go-ahead to start playing volleyball again (HOORAY again!). I’m just so relieved it’s all over and I don’t have to worry about it anymore. In a years’ time I’ll have a few tests to make sure what remains of my thyroid is functioning properly, but other than that I’m basically cured! Thanks again for all the love and thoughts I’ve been getting over the past few weeks and months. I’ve been shocked but delighted to hear from so many others who have gone through similar procedures, apparently thyroid issues aren’t as uncommon as I thought!


  1. I'm so glad everything went well for you Hannah! I'm glad that your scar will be small as well. But, while it's disappearing, you can always play the one-up game with people - "oh, you've got a hangnail? Well, check out this baby!" ~___^

  2. So glad to hear the operation all went well!
    Congratulations on moving into your new home! My boyfriend and I moved into our own place earlier this year and it's such an exciting time!! :)
    Also - you just have the best collection of sunglasses I've ever seen - those pale pink ones particularly in the second photo are just so awesome! *heart eyed emojis* ;)

    Lauren xxx

  3. Congrats on your move into your home