Monday, 10 August 2015


Oh my gosh it's the first day of Restyle 2015! How exciting!!! The very first prompt is Tribal and I just had to wear my newly op shopped African print skirt. I know I've already shared this skirt on the blog fairly recently, but Tribal was a hard prompt to start with and this was all I had in my wardrobe that worked! Also it's a really cool skirt, so styling it again wasn't particularly an issue. 

African prints are so vibrant and cheerful, it's almost impossible to feel down wearing this skirt, the bright pattern is an instant mood lifter. I dressed it up with a slightly sheer fringed top (from last year's Restyle challenge actually), my go-to black heels and some gold accessories. This was a perfect dinner date outfit because the skirt has an elastic waist, so naturally I pushed it to it's limits and ate pasta and cake until I nearly burst. 

What did you wear for Restyle day 1? Tribal was a tricky prompt so I'm super interested to see what everyone else found! 

Skirt: Good Sammies Subiaco $5
Top: Red Cross Scarborough $6
Bracelets: Op shop
Clutch: Target
Earrings: Collette
Shoes: Gorman

Don't know what the hell Restyle is? Click here to learn more and join in the fun! 

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