Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Raine Square

The lovely people at Raine Square in the City invited me to check out some of their shops the other day. This was such a pleasure, because while I do spend a lot of time running past Raine Square getting to and from meetings, I hadn't spent much time actually exploring. At the moment they are having a big Health and Fitness push, which is PERFECT for me. After spending two weeks eating and drinking my way through New Zealand, I definitely need a little more health and fitness in my life!

I’ve been trying to kick start my healthy eating since returning from holidays. I eat pretty well in general, and as I talked about in this post, I’m really not fussed about punishing my body to lose extreme amounts of weight so I can look like someone from a magazine. All that being said, even I know enough is enough when I’m polishing off an entire block of cheese after dinner (don’t judge me!).

Mum and I spent a delightful morning in Raine Square. Before checking out all the different shops we grabbed a smoothie from Boost. One of the main healthy things I’ve been trying to do is cut down on coffee. I’ve found that I’m not addicted to the caffeine, but the habit of getting a mid-morning drink. So swapping my daily large soy latte for a smoothie or fresh juice has been quite easy. There is a Boost right in the centre of Raine Square which have sooo many delicious healthy options, it makes it very easy to wean off the coffee!

With Boost smoothies in hand we made a beeline to rebel to search for some new fitness gear for Mum. Man oh man is that place full of treasure! Rack after rack of bright and colourful work out clothes of all varieties. I was sorely tempted by all the fab Stella McCartney for adidas stuff (SO PRETTY!). I managed to drag myself away…but my birthday is in two weeks so fingers are crossed someone noticed me lingering longer than usual in the active wear section!

Across from the rebel apparel store is the rebel equipment store (yes there are two, it's awesome!) and as soon as we walked in the store I was drawn to the massive shiny display of all different kinds of balls (chuckle chuckle). I need a new volleyball and rebel had a large variety to choose from, which is actually quite exciting because normally volleyball gear is hard to come by.

Thanks for the invite Raine Square! It was so fun to learn more about this treasure trove of health and fitness retailers! Now I need to actually get off my butt and start moving! Happy Tuesday :)

Shorts: Thrift store in Berlin $5
T-shirt: Anglicare Fremantle $6
Jacket: Salvos Osborne Park $15
Shoes: RSPCA op shop $5
Hat: Op shop

This post was sponsored by Raine Square, but all the thoughts are my own!


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    1. Thanks Vicki! I had a great time exploring :)

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