Monday, 31 August 2015

Donate Back and Restyle Wrap Up

It’s the last day of winter and the last day of Restyle! Did you have a fun month following along with all the prompts? From what I saw on Instagram people were finding some fantastic things, I was a little envious at times! The very last prompt of Restyle is always Donate Back, which is a fantastic habit to get in to. As a keen op shopper, it’s very easy to accumulate a lot of clothes quickly. Fast fashion is completely the norm now, which means people (myself included!) want new clothes all the time. This means we often have wardrobes full of clothes, shoes and accessories which have been worn once or twice and won’t be worn by us again. These are the items which are ripe for donation! Put them in a big bag and take them down to your local op shop. Someone else will be able to breath some new life into them and a charity will gain some much needed funds for their important work in your community. I try to get in to the habit of taking one item out of my wardrobe for every new item I buy. This doesn’t always happen, but most of the time I’m pretty good. I keep an old IKEA bag in the boot of my car and just keep putting clothes in there, when it’s full I know it’s time to lug it down to my local op shop.

I had such fun following along with all the prompts this year. Not being an ‘official’ blogger has taken the pressure off and allowed me to just enjoy the month. I loved seeing everyone else’s outfits pop up on Instagram and on blogs. Encouraging and inspiring people to op shop is truly awesome, thank you so much Telstra Perth Fashion Festival for investing in such an amazing initiative. I’ll definitely be following along next year!
If you missed any of my outfits you can just click on the pictures to take you to the post. My favourite look was the very first one! I just can’t get over my amazing tribal skirt from Good Sammies. I want to keep wearing it over and over again! Which was your favourite prompt this year?
I only missed two prompts, Blazer and Metallic, and on both days I did actually wear something that fit the prompt I was just too sick (blazer) and busy (metallic) to snap a pic! Thanks for following along with my Restyle attempts this year! I hope some of you were inspired to hit your local op shops in search of treasure (if you weren't already doing so!!).

P.S I’ve donated a few huge bags of clothes to Vinnies in Claremont, this is the op shop I visit most regularly so I figured they deserved my gear the most! If you are interested in having a rummage then definitely pop in, they are at 26 Ashton Ave in Claremont.


  1. I think Pencil Skirt was probably my favourite look, followed by (bizarrely) Sports Luxe and Black on Black!

    1. lol those were all the days which were the hardest for me! Pushing myself out of my style comfort zone is always a little nerve wrecking!