Friday, 4 April 2014


So you know this post where I talked about dressing professionally? Well I got that job! It must have been my fabulous interview outfit! I get the feeling that my new work environment will not be so casual about the dress code, so I only have a few weeks left of dressing however I like for work, and I need to make the most of it!

This is the full circle skirt I made just before Christmas. I love the gingham print, but I didn’t do the best job with the sewing, so it looks decidedly home-made. That being said I can’t bear to part with it just yet as I made it with my own hands, so it got a second outing to the office last week.

Something tells me that denim and midriffs aren’t going to be acceptable work attire in my new office. Luckily my current workplace is by the beach, so the fact I’m wearing wedges and not thongs is really all I need to have an ‘office appropriate’ look. 

I really love this little denim top, I’ve already worn it plenty of times on the blog and I’ll be sad to retire it over winter. It makes every outfit a little bit ‘country’ and I’ve got no problem with that! All I need to do it swap out my wedges for cowboy boots and I’d be ready for a hoe down (whatever that is!)

Also check out my amazing new bangle! It was my present to myself for getting a new job. I found it at a great consignment store in Applecross, Two by One. The flower shape is so perfect and I have literally been wearing it everyday since I bought it.

Top: DKNY, Op Shop
Skirt: Homemade
Scarf: Op Shop
Wedges: Seed (on super sale after Christmas!)
Bangle: Sonia Rykiel, Two by One


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