Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter Outfit

I've been the worst blogger recently and I hate it. My ankle is officially ruined* and I can't move very fast, so outfit pictures are super difficult to acquire. Luckily I managed to convince my sweet brother to take a few shots of me before our family Easter lunch yesterday. The photo shoot lasted all of 40 seconds, but at least I got a few decent snaps of my fabulous new vintage dress (yes my op-shop ban has been disbanded)

I bought this hand made vintage dress on Saturday when I was looking for a door stop for mum. I couldn't find a door stop but I did manage to spy this silk beauty hiding in the racks. I've been looking for a dress like this for ages, it may surprise you to know that I don't actually have any this shape, so it's been my mission to track a fitted vintage dress in a bright print that I can wear with cardigans. 

I've seen a million of this style of dress on Etsy, but I still haven't quite got my head around paying so much money for vintage. I know it's rare and beautiful and bla bla bla, but I manage to find perfectly good vintage clothing in op shops for roughly $6 a piece, so I don't know if I can bring my self to shell out so much for something I can find at the Salvos if I just have a good rummage (plus rummaging is half the fun!).

This is the first time in two weeks that I have been able to wear a matching pair of shoes and that's mainly because these sandals are one size to big for me, so the right one just managed to squeeze on to my swollen foot. Ordinarily I'd be wearing this dress with a fabulous pair of wedges, but alas, it'll be another 6 weeks (choke!) before I can wear heels again.

Dress: Vintage, Op Shop
Brooch: Op Shop
Sandals: Witner, Op Shop

*by ruined I mean that I've ruptured a ligament and may or may not need surgery. sad face. 

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