Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Last but not Least

Oh my goodness Restyle is over! Which means this month is basically over as well! Did you follow along with any of the op shopping prompts? The last two were pretty straight forward, Stripes and Colour Block. The Stripes prompt fell on Monday which was a public holiday in WA, so I was very happy to pull out my FAVOURITE black and white striped T. I bought this T at the start of the year for 25 cents and literally wear it every single weekend. I’ve worn it once already for Restyle. It is such a great wardrobe staple.


Yesterday’s prompt (and the final one!) was Colour Block, which is surprisingly hard for me to do because I have sooo much pattern in my wardrobe and hardly any plain coloured items. I pulled this bright ensemble together at the last minute and it was the perfect thing to wear for the start of a short week. The entire thing is op shopped too!

 Colour Block

I’ll be back on Friday with a wrap up of all my Restyle outfits. I hope you enjoyed following along with my favourite style challenge! 


  1. OMG, love the outfit and the style. The color combination looks great. Please share more updates and pictures with us soon. Waiting anxiously. Amazing blog!

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