Friday, 23 September 2016

Gucci Geek

I thought Geek Chic might be the end of me. I didn't really know what the prompt meant, without going totally on the nose and wearing some fake reading glasses and a shirt buttoned up to the neck. In the end I decided to take my inspiration from Gucci's much loved recent collections, all classing prints, over the top bows and serious vintage vibes...

Geek Chic

What do you think? I'm wearing a vintage dress and jacket from the Salvos, some incredible Tom Ford sunnies from Vinnies and Hermes scarf tied up like a bow from St Luke's op shop in Mossy park. I'm a wannabe Gucci-Geek!


This is a great prompt! I've always said the the easiest way to try your hand at op shopping is to start with the accessories. You might be a bit nervous to dive right in in a head to toe second hand outfit, but adding a few op shopped necklaces, scarves, bags or sunnies to your wardrobe is super easy. And fun! Who doesn't love more accessories! My entire outfit is op shopped, including my vintage hat, sunnies, cross body bag, Goyard tote, bandana and espadrilles! 


For Pleats I wore my picnic table dress! It's another vintage number that feels like plastic, but is so fun to wear. The pleats in the skirt give the dress a bit of shape. I threw on the jacket at the last minute and accessorised with orange... because that was the obvious choice, right?!

P.S Today's prompt is DIY, check out my insta (@inthedressupbox) to see my op shopped outfit!


  1. Your choice is very nice and you selected all the hairstyle and dresses according to the event. You are beautiful also. Thank you for sharing this colorful post.

  2. You have some amazing fashion sense! Are you a fashion student? i am in love with your clothing sense! its amazing, i cant find even one thing i dont like about it!

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