Monday, 21 September 2015

Spring Essentials

Thank you for all the kind words and positive vibes sent my way after my last post. I really really appreciate it! I’ll keep you posted with how things are going, but wont bore you to tears with too much detail. You can rest assured I’m in excellent (and skilled!) hands, I’m feeling really healthy and by the time Christmas comes around this will all be a distant memory.  Now on to an outfit post… 

The top of your Spring Essentials shopping list should be a yellow leather mini skirt... 

JOKES! Obviously a bright yellow leather mini skirt isn’t exactly a ‘staple’ for most people’s wardrobes. But for me it is. There are soooo many magazine and blog articles about wardrobe staples or summer essentials, telling you that you MUST have a tailored black blazer, a beautiful white shirt and the perfect striped T for your wardrobe to be complete. For someone like me, who LOVES to shop and does so regularly, it’s pretty important to give everything I buy some serious consideration. If something is going to take up precious wardrobe space then it needs to be workable for my life. But the thing is, all those neutral classic pieces, like the perfect skinny jeans or nude pumps, are not what gets the most wear in my wardrobe. Over the years I’ve bought all those things, thinking that I need them. If InStyle is telling me my wardrobe is incomplete without them, then surely they’re right? Well I don’t know about that, because I certainly get more wear out of my red and white spotty vintage dress and my purple houndstooth skirt suit then I do out my classic black blazer (plus they are SO much more fun to wear!).

This buttery soft leather Gorman skirt might not be everyones cup of tea, but for me, it's essential. Worn with some of my birthday treats (sunnies and boots) and some of my other wardrobe classics (white singlet and denim jacket) I love this outfit! I've actually worn this exact look about 4 times in the last few weeks... oops! 

Skirt: Gorman, Consignment store $40
Singlet: Kookai, Salvos Fremantle $3
Jacket: Salvos Bibra Lake $2
Boots: Siren
Sunglasses: Preen*

*The most AMAZING birthday present everrrrr from my lovely Luke, who happens to be celebrating his birthday today (Happy Birthday gorgeous man!)


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