Friday, 25 September 2015

Life Recently

So this time last month I was going on and on about how much I love the month of September and the start of Spring and bla bla bla. But to be honest my September has kind of taken me by surprise. I had a major health scare which frightened the shit out of me. I spent the first two weeks of the month terrified I was going to die (I’m just slightly melodramatic) and the last two weeks of the month feeling rotten because of my new medication. BUT it hasn’t all been bad. My boyfriend’s lovely parents have been visiting us from Queensland, so we’ve been playing tourists in our own city which is always a treat. I celebrated the birthdays of some of my absolute favourite people including myself (haha), my boyfriend, my cousin and one of my best friends. Also two of my great friends got engaged at the start of the month! So we drank lots of champagne and ate far too much cheese in celebration. See it hasn’t all been bad!

Eating too much chocolate, my skin is NOT thanking me
Drinking many many cups of Earl Grey
Cooking not much, my boyfriend’s folks have been cooking! #score!
Watching the Bachelor
Buying the perfect button up denim skirt for Summer (after a long op shop search!) 
Wearing my new gold birks everywhere, they were my best purchase in a long time!

Reading forums online about people with thyroid problems… I really need to stop scaring myself
Avoiding my bank account, our new house is almost finished and I’ve been shopping up a storm, much to the detriment of my savings account
Browsing for the perfect red dress. I’m a bridesmaid for my cousin at the end of the year and her only specification is that I wear a red dress. I’m determined to find one in an op shop!
Needing another holiday. Exactly 3 months until Christmas… is it too early to start counting down?

So September wasn’t exactly as I anticipated, but when is life ever? October is definitely going to be fun, I’m sure of it! The weather is heating up slowly but surely and I’m determined to enjoy this wonderful season. Have a super Friday!


  1. Stay well Hannah :)

  2. Sorry to hear about your health problem Hannah ; ___ ; All of your photos are fantastic though, I really love your flatlay.

  3. I've got a broken thyroid too, probs best to avoid Dr Googling :) hope you're feeling better, bring on the sunshine ! - LadyLambkin