Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Life Recently

July has been a fun month, not least because I’m spending the second half of it on holidays! HUZZAH! I’m in Queenstown right now, probably carving up the slopes (or falling flat on my face more likely) and looking fab in my sexy snow gear (that’s also a lie, snow gear is never sexy). The first two weeks of the month flew by as I prepared for my trip and hustled at work to get everything done in two weeks that I’d usually do in a month. Needless to say when I stepped on the plane and threw back my first glass of NZ sauv blanc, I was feeling well and truly ready for a holiday.

So what have I been up to lately?
Eating everything. I'm on holidays baby!
Drinking red wine while snuggled up by the camp fire
Cooking this one pot pasta from A Beautiful mess. I've made it so many times, it's just so easy and delicious
Watching wild horses play on the beach in Queensland and the snow fall in beautiful Queenstown (jealous much!?)
Buying two new pairs of sunnies (these and these) and some gold birks... I went on a bit of an eBay binge, oops!
Wearing my beloved Coach snow boots, I always get SO EXCITED whenever I get the chance to wear them
Reading The Green Rider series by Kirsten Britain, recommended to me by a colleague, they have been the perfect travel books
Avoiding looking at the calendar, only 5 days left of my holiday... why does it always go so fast?! 
Browsing Pinterest for home inspo, we need to purchase a couch for our new house soon!
Needing some budgeting help, I've been struggling to keep on top of my finances and really need to reign in my non-essential spending... any one got any advice?


I've got SO MANY glorious snaps from New Zealand and Queensland to share with you, but I'll wait until I get back and manage to cull and edit them (no one wants to look at 37648 holiday pics, even if they are of magnificent mountains!).

Insta run down...
1. afternoon tea in the winter sun
2. snuggles with Olive (who seems to think she is a lap dog)
3. lunch time walks at work
4. weekend walks with my bestie (and our pooches)
5. holiday count down (I'm in NZ right now!!)
6. Friday arvo G&Ts
7. there's no such thing as too many stripes!
8. travel packing and planning and plotting... my favourite!

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  1. YASSS girl, you had me at one pot pasta, now I've gone on a pinning rampage! Hope you're having a fantastic holiday.