Friday, 17 July 2015

Legally Blonde

Mum and I went to see the WAAPA production of Legally Blonde a few weeks ago. It’s a bit of a tradition of ours, seeing the mid-year musical theatre students perform and MAN were they incredible (just like they are every year). I love the movie Legally Blonde so I was really interested to see how it translated to theatre, it was completely fantastic and so much fun to watch. I really wanted to jump up on stage and start singing and dancing with them.

Back when I was a bright-eyed 17 year old I harboured grand dreams of going to WAAPA to study acting. Unfortunately my lack of talent got in the way, so I settled for being part of the University Dramatic Society while I studied something much more sensible… arts (hahaha joke’s on me). The shows we put on were some of the funnest and funniest times of my life. I skirted around the edges of each production, as part of the chorus or as a minor character with a few lines to remember. I was mesmerised and inspired by the hilarious, witty, exuberant people around me. Watching the WAAPA students reminded me so much of that, you could see how much fun they were all having on stage and it was so infectious. Even in the midst of an awful head cold I came out of the theatre buzzing and wishing the show went on all night.

As it was Legally Blonde I obviously had to wear something pink, my first choice was a newly op shopped Lisa Ho strapless dress, but alas, the weather was particularly awful that night and silk chiffon probably wasn’t the wisest choice. My back up dress being this vintage Laura Ashley number, which did the job perfectly and was very cosy when paired with my navy Alannah Hill trench.

Dress: Laura Ashley, Claremont Vinnies $8
Coat: Alannah Hill, Salvos O’Connor $12
Shoes: Seed*
Sunnies: Pared
Brooch: Op Shop

*I had intended to wear my pink suede heels with this outfit, but on the night of the show I forgot my shoes (don't ask) and had to make do with these leopard flats which were luckily lurking in my car. Moral of the story? Storing several pairs of shoes in the boot of your car is clever not weird.

P.S WAAPA put on heaps of shows throughout the year. Mum and I have been to many of them over the years and they are always fantastic, plus the tickets are so cheap for the quality of the performance. You can see their list of productions here, I’d definitely recommend them!


  1. What an absolute steal of a dress, and it's Laura Ashley, even better!

    1. I know right?! I was very excited to find this one lurking in the racks at vinnies! Totally score!