Sunday, 9 March 2014

(Op) Shopping Habits

One of the things I get asked most in regards to my blog is how often do I frequent my beloved op-shops? It’s a fair question, I’d say 90% of my wardrobe is now second hand, either from op shops, flea markets and very occasionally a vintage store or eBay. My wardrobe is something that I have amassed over a long period of time and I cull it every few months, so it always feels fresh. I’ve used op-shops as my main source of clothing for about the past five years, but that’s not to say I don’t also shop online or go to big department stores (my love of designer sunglasses can attest to that!). I just really really enjoy op shopping, it’s my stress relieve, my tonic after a difficult day, my reward for any achievement and it’s my favourite hobby (I do have other hobbies though, otherwise I’d be a sad broke lady surrounded by piles of crap!). 

So back to the question at hand, how often do I op shop? If I’m being honest about my shopping habits (and I always try to be honest with you!) I go about two - three times a week. Generally only for short shops on my lunch break and sometimes longer ones on the weekend. I don’t always buy things, and when I do I never spend more than about $20. That’s the key to being a successful op shopper, you have to go often and you can’t expect to find something every time. I’m pretty lucky, I often think I’ve been blessed by the op-shop fairies or something, because generally, if I’ve decided I’m looking for something in particular (like a red coat for example), I will find one I like within a week or so of searching. 

This outfit is completely op shopped, from my hat to my shoes. It’s fairly uncommon for me to wear an outfit that’s head to toe second hand, but when it happens it always feels like a little achievement! 

Dress: Op Shop
Shoes: Witner, Op Shop
Bag: Op Shop
Hat: Op Shop
Bangels: Op Shop 

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