Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Fast Fashion Fix (and a Garage Sale!)

Over the last few years I’ve prided myself on not being part of the fast-fashion machine. I hardly ever buy anything brand new and when I do it is usually something of quality that is intended to last a long time. That being said, I still have the mentality of fast fashion consumerism that seems to have a firm grasp on most 20-something women these days. I love having something new to wear, for me that means a $3 skirt from the Good Sammies, not a $20 skirt from Forever New. But the cost is regardless, I am constantly buying, buying, buying. I can’t help myself! I really want to break that habit and focus on all the fabulous things I do have, rather then on the next item I need to purchase that will suddenly complete my wardrobe. 

I’ve been toying with the idea for a while to do a serious purge of my wardrobe. Every couple of months I donate a big bag or two of unwanted clothes back to the Salvos, but it never seems to make a dent in my over flowing cupboards. I have piles and piles of clothes that I like, which means I don’t get to wear the clothes I love often enough because I feel like I need to spread the love around. Does that make sense?

Anyway, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and get rid of half my wardrobe. I’ve been slowly pulling things out over the last few weeks. Seriously looking at everything I own and weighing up whether it’s worth the space in my wardrobe and the time on my body. This Saturday is D-Day, I’m holding a MASSIVE garage sale at my parents’ house. My folks are also moving house after 20 years in the same place, so they have lots of goodies to sell as well. You should come and buy our stuff! There will be lots of vintage clothes, accessories, shoes and bags courtesy of me, plus a huge jumble of home wares, electronics, plants, furniture and other stuff from my mum, dad and brother.

I’m excited to thin out my wardrobe significantly and start wearing my favourite clothes a little more regularly and in different combinations. After this weekend I’m going to cut down my op-shopping dramatically, I need to take a break and find other fun ways to occupy my time. Don’t worry though, I still have plenty of great thrifted outfits to share on the blog, I don’t think I’ll EVER run out of those!

  Dress: Camilla and Marc, Op Shop (for only $12! Pretty pleased about this!)
Wedges: Hobbs
Bangle: Ted Baker
Sunglasses: Karen Walker
Hair Flowers: Assorted vintage and hand made 

Check out the facebook event for the Garage Sale and I'll hopefully see you on Saturday! 

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