Monday, 18 November 2013

High Tea Ladies

There are very few occasions that call for pretty dresses and heels during the day. Weddings are the obvious one, but in my 26 years I have only ever been to one wedding (seriously friends, get a move on!) so it's safe to say that glam day dressing is a rarity for me. I still do it, obviously, but it's nice to have an occasion that calls for it. I don't always enjoy being that strange lady in the post office with a crinoline under her skirt and very high heels on a random Tuesday. (I lie, I always enjoy being that person)

Any way, this past Sunday I had an occasion that required fancy day dress! Hooray! A good friend of mine was visiting from Sydney and organised for a bunch of girls to go to a high tea. Tiny cakes and champagne? A pretty dress is practically mandatory! We went to Rochelle Adonis, which is THE place to have high tea in Perth. We had to make a reservation two months in advance and pay a deposit when we booked. Madness!

It was a really nice afternoon, catching up with friends, eating tiny delicious food and exclaiming about every ones outfits. I was excited to get the chance to wear my back up Melbourne Cup outfit (another great day dressing occasion!). I found this new season Cue dress in an op shop a few weeks ago, I snapped it up for $9! The colour is perfect for a fancy day time affair and I really like how structured it is. It looks a bit crumpled in these pictures because I didn't get a chance to take photos before I stuffed my face with miniature tarts.

I also took the opportunity to wear my floral headband from Anna Chandler which matches this dress perfectly. I felt a bit silly when I first put it on, but I actually forgot I was wearing it after awhile. I matched the roses on our table perfectly as well, so I think it was a good choice in the end!

Aside from my headband, my whole outfit is op shopped. I always get excited when everything I'm wearing is thrifted, it's like a little win I can notch up on my imaginary headboard of op shop successes. I particularly like my new vintage brooch, which unfortunately you can hardly see in these pictures. I bought it on Saturday for $2!

I love how pretty every one looks! It was such a fun afternoon, I am definitely a high tea convert!

Excuse how terrible my hair looks, as nice as Rochelle Adonis was, their air con was crap, so it was a zillion degrees inside and my beautifully groomed hair (I just went to the hair dresser on Saturday) soon turned in to a sweaty frizzy mess.

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