Monday, 25 November 2013

Frilly and Free

I went for a casual op shop with Mum the other day and just as we were about to walk out of the shop empty handed and a bit disappointed, one of the sales staff ran up to me with this top in her hands. She said that it had just come in and it smelt weird so they were going to through it in the rag bag, but she recognised it was cute vintage and thought that I looked as though I might like it. She let me have the top for free because it was smelly, I was thrilled!

One extra hot cycle in the washing machine and the top came out good as new, with no smell what-so-ever. Success! It makes me a bit sad to think of all the wonderful vintage clothes that are donated but then thrown away as rags because they smell a little. From my experience, one of the biggest problems people have with second hand clothes is their smell, so I can understand why the op shop sorters need to ditch the stinky things, but it's still annoying to think about all the awesome vintage stuff I might be missing out on. This top has anchors, frills, pleats and tiny sail boats on it, it is definitely destined for greater things then the rag bag!

So my top was free and my skirt and bag both cost $5 each from the Melville Markets and Salvos respectively, my wedges are from Hobbs. I think I may have gone into frill over load with the ruffles on my top and the trim on my skirt. I actually wore the top backwards because I really liked the big frilly part and wanted that to be on the front. 

I really love this outfit and am so grateful for the lady in the op shop who brought me out the smelly vintage blouse. If it's frilly and free, chances are I'll like it! (motto to live by right there!)

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