Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Life Recently

Howdy friends! Well this has quite possibly been the best month EVER! My wonderful Luke and I got engaged! Nine years after meeting on a Thai beach and I couldn’t be happier! We were celebrating our seven year anniversary down south and he popped the question while we were playing Scrabble in our PJs. I am beyond excited and still can’t wipe the Cheshire cat grin off my face. You can see a picture of my ring below, it’s bloody magnificent and he chose it completely on his own. Considering I’m so particular about what I wear, I’m very impressed that Luke was brave enough to choose something without consulting me, thrilled as well… obviously!

So any way this has been my life recently…

Eating: Way too much bread, but I just love it SO much!
Drinking: Champagne darling… people keep wanting to toast our engagement, I’m certainly not complaining
Wearing: Faux fur
Buying: fun socks
Dreaming: of all things wedding related, YAY!
Avoiding: the rain, winter has started in Perth and my suede shoes are not happy about it
Watching: Game of Thrones
Reading: English gossip mags (boy do I love a ‘celeb living in a sprawling estate’ photo shoot)

Aside for all the above I’ve mostly be basking in the glow of my engagement, it’s so nice! The main questions I’ve been getting are people wanting to know when we’ll get married (hopefully end of 2017) and will I wear a second hand dress (um, duh!). Although I’ve never been a girl who’s dreamt of their wedding since childhood, it is nice to now have permission to think about it and plan. I’m really excited to start trawling through wedding blogs and going mad on Pinterest. Let the fun begin hey!


  1. Congratulations, that's fabulous! A brave man to choose the ring but he did very very well by the looks!

  2. Congratulations to both of you, Hannah! I am looking forward to seeing what amazing thrifted wedding outfit you put together ^___^

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