Thursday, 28 April 2016

Life Recently

So you’ve probably noticed things have been a little quiet around the blog of late. While I can promise you I’ve still been getting dressed and op shopping, I’m truly struggling to snap outfit pictures. It’s a combination of my new job which starts half an hour earlier and my new puppy, who demands all my free time which has made getting out to take outfit snaps super hard. I’m honestly not sure what the solution is, but it’s definitely something I’m working on because I’m not ready to give up blogging just yet, I still need somewhere to blab about my super op shop finds!

So with that in mind I’ve got a different Life Recently for you this month…

 1. A few new thrifted treasures from a church garage sale
2. My city looking particularly beautiful on a particularly dreary day

3. Baby girl Blue is getting SO BIG, I want her to stay a puppy forever!
4. What I haul around in my bag all day… yes 3 pairs of sunnies are necessary

5. My spotless house after hiring professional cleaners… such an indulgence
6. The pups had a bit too much fun on my Aunt and Uncles bush property

7. Thrifted a pot and a baby succulent for my besties birthday, op shop prezzies are the best!
8. The Bindaring Red Cross sale is almost upon us! It’s my favourite place to treasure hunt!

9. Spent some quality time with my family over the Easter long weekend and loved every moment of it
10. I got my beloved KW shades resized to fit my giant head, so they no longer give me headaches when I wear them for longer then a few minutes (hooray!)

I'll be back next week with some real outfit posts and also some more info on the Bindaring Red Cross Sale, which is only 3 weekends away!! (Check out their website if you want the goss now).

As always, thanks for hanging in there and always coming back to read my (rather intermittent) posts. You're awesome!

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  1. Glad to see you're back, I've missed your posts