Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Will You Be Mine?

I’m baaaaack! After a week of swanning around Bali in a variety of kaftans, I’m back into the grind of things, which means outfit posts! But first I have some super exciting news for you… I’ve been asked to be a Style Ambassador for the Bindaring Red Cross Sale!! If you’re not familiar with the Bindaring Sale, then prepare to get excited. It’s a massive garage sale/op shop held at the Claremont Show grounds!! The sale is split into four different sections with a designer Boutique, vintage Emporium, Op Shop section (with everything under $10) and a Fill a Bag for $1 area (I’m particularly excited about that last one!). 

The sale kicks off at 9am on Saturday the 16th of May, but people have been known to start queueing from 6am because it’s just THAT GOOD. All of the money raised from the sale goes towards the Australian Red Cross and the fabulous work they do in the community. If you followed me during my Restyle adventure, where I shopped exclusively at Red Cross stores, you’ll know that they have some amazing things. Plus the volunteers who put together the Bindaring Red Cross Sale source donations from designer boutiques and high end brands all across Australia, so you know there is going to be some amazing treasures to be found.

In the lead up to the Bindaring Sale I’ll be sharing some sneak peaks of items you’ll be able to purchase for yourself, so keep an eye on the blog, follow @Bindaring on insta and mark May the 16th in your diary because it’s going to be AWESOME!

All of the pictures in this post are from my Restyle challenge and all are made up of items bought from Red Cross op shops (I told you they have great stuff!!)

PS check out the #WillYouBeMine campaign on insta, it'll get your mouth watering with all the designer goodies being brought in for the sale!


  1. Yay, it's like the best day out ever! Really looking forward to working woth you in this Hannah!

    1. Me too Vicki! I'm really looking forward to this event and it will be so fun to catch up with you again, Restyle was waayyyy too long ago! xx

  2. Loving your outfits which are so nicely styled! Just marked it in my calender, Bindaring is a treasure trove of secondhand loveliness! Last year I picked up a purple 80's jumper complete with rhinestones which will keep me warm now the weather is getting chilly.